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Distinguished Speaker
Michael Stanley Whittingham, awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2019.

Professor of chemistry and director of both the Institute for Materials Research and the Materials Science and Engineering program at Binghamton University. Whittingham is a key figure in the history of the development of lithium batteries. He discovered the intercalation electrodes in 1970s  and thoroughly described the concept of intercalation reaction for rechargeable batteries in the late of 1970s. He holds the original patents on the concept of the use of intercalation chemistry in high-power density, highly reversible lithium batteries. Therefore, he is called Founding Father of rechargeable lithium batteries.

Plenary Speakers

Liu, Hua K. 
Distinguished Professor
Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials
University of Wollongong

Prof. Dongyuan Zhao

Laboratory of Advanced Materials

Jiangwan campus of Fudan university

Invited speakers (Subject to change)

1 .)  Alexandre Ponrouche   Institut de Ciencia de Materials Spain 
2 .)  Ao Tang                         Institute of Metal Research, C.A.S. China
3 .)  Colin Gillam                   RedT
4. )  Chris Menictas               UNSW 
5 .)  Cristina Pozo-Gonzalo  Deakin University AU
6. )  Christiana Roth             University of Bayreuth Germany
7 .)  Dan Li                             University of Melbourne AU
8 .)  Deyu Wang                     Chinese Academy of Sciences China
9 .)  Donghai Wang               The Pennsylvania State University USA
10.) Haisheng Chen              Chinese Academy of Sciences China
11.) Huamin Zhang               Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
12.) Hubert GIRAUlT             EPFL, Switzerland
13.) Jason Zhang                  Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, USA
14.) Jenny Pringle                 Deakin University AU
15.) Jens Noack                    Fraunhofer, Germany
16.) Jie Bao                           UNSW AU
17.) Jie Xiao                          PNNL
18.) Jun Liu                           University of Washington, USA
19.) Lianzhou Wang             University of Queensland AU
20.) Maria Forsyth                Deakin University  AU
21) Maria Skyllas-Kazacos  UNSW   AU
22.) Matthieu Dubarry          University of Hawaii USA
23.) Michael Marshak           University of Colorado USA
24.) Mike Guilianini               RedFlow AU
25.) Montserrat Galceran     CIC energygune, Spain
26.) Nagore Ortiz Vitoriano  CIC energygune, Spain
27.) Ping Liu                          UC Sand Diego USA
28.) Sean Smith                     ANU AU
29.) Sheng Dai                       Oak Ridge National Laboratories USA
30.) Teófilo Rojo                    CIC energygune, Spain
31.) Thomas Maschmeyer    University of Sydney AU
32.) Tianbiao Liu                    Utah State University, USA
33.) Till Reek                          Trimet Aluminium Germany
34.) Toshio Shigematsu        Sumitomo Electric Industries Japan
35.) Vanessa Peterson          ANSTO AU
36.) Vijay                                PNNL USA
37.) Vince Agar                      Australian Vanadium AU
38.) Xiaoliang Wei                 Indiana University - Purdue University USA
39.) Xinping Qiu                    Tsinghua University China
40.) Xueliang(Andy) Sun      Western University Canada
41.) Yang-Kook Sun              Hanyang University, Korea
42.) Yichun Lu                       Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
43.) Yongyao Xia                   Fudan university China